Rock Band vs. Guitar Hero Compatibility : What game is right for you?

Rock Band and Guitar Hero III are both some completely awesome music games and they offer some great choices for gamers but there is some serious confusion about the guitar controllers out there.

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mighty_douche3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

think ill stick with my >real< Gibson thanks.

anyone seen the Guitar Hero south park? "you...are...a...F.AG!&qu ot;

Snukadaman3951d ago

The wireless guitar works like a charm..and the only thing you miss out on with rock band is the bottom buttons which can be pressed on the top as well, also the waah waah effects but it aint that big a deal.

sleepbox3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

You amateur musicians that will NEVER make it to the top NEVER even squeeze out a 1 hit wonder and you're wasting your time. Your women are all usually ugly or you're a statutory rapist taking advantage of young girls too stupid to realize how sad you are. You're a no-talent super-douche that thinks they are better than every one else...any true musician is delighted at a game like guitar hero or rock band.

Now you all know the type in which I am talking about...the smug jackass that's usually slightly to majorly overweight and has a middle part in their hair that think's they are some pseudo intellectual then feel threatened by the likes of a VIDEO GAME somehow infringing on their ATTENTION WHORING LACK OF TALENT!!!

And seriously, is there ANYTHING in this world more sad than an amateur band groupie? They are usually short, fat, and tattooed from head to toe ...nasty nonetheless.

Oh, and btw, I am a musician in that I sing and play guitar...yea...really sing and really play guitar.

So I know it's been said before, but, for all "musicians" that think that people should play real instruments instead of games...go join the military or be a hit man gangster if you play shooters, you better not play Madden if you don't really play in the NFL...etc...your logic is as lame as your pathetic music.

Just drawing parallels is all. Did I hit someone where it hurts?

If you're a musician that says RB and GH are wastes of time FINE, keep your pinions to yourself, but to those that meet the above prerequisite and simply cannot avoid trolling a thread mentioning them just to pitch your 2 cents in because you're so smug and think you're so awesome...this thread is directed towards you...and you are an idiot.

Again, why don't we see obnoxious amateur sports players going into Madden threads and spouting off wise-ass remarks? Or how about Marines heading into Halo threads? Why only musicians?

Is it because you all suck at aforementioned music games? I say you suck at life.

I'm 27 and I can probably play guitar and sing better than you btw. A family man I am now...choosing to not bother with the party life anymore so your personal attacks only make me laugh even harder at you.

Sorry for the rant, but I really am sick of these folks.

Oh, and Rock Band FTW...Guitar Hero 3 sucks.

Cat3950d ago

well, er, somewhere in there i totally agreed with you. the two best GH and RB players I know are real (as in really good) musicians.

Wefek3951d ago

Dang Man!!! going on a rant I see...
well, I'm a musician myself, I play bass, guitar and a little bit
of the synthasizer. (or however that's spelled...)
But just because you want to play the game, doesn't really mean
that you actually want to be that.

Sure, madden is fun, but football isn't just for me.
And the same with Halo. it's really fun, but I don't want to be
a soldier. I see Guitar hero 3 and Rock Band more as finger and
steady beat practice.
Don't get me wrong....It's fun. You get to play all of the songs
that you grew up with in just 5 buttons.
And come on...
leave them alone.
what the hell did they do to you that made you all hulk-like?
I mean, there are actual people out there that may ACTUALLY play an
ACTUAL guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, vocals or even the triangle.

But I do get the point you say in there.
How people are just really stupid.
just.....let them ruin their lives.