EDGE Give Assassin's Creed: 7/10

Edge write:

"Ubisoft's Third Crusade-era adventure is beautiful, ambitious, and flawed.

With his stalking gait and effortless run, his swift killing strike, his fearless parkour skills, Assassin's Creed's star, Altaïr, is a triumph of animation in videogames.

Never before has a player character been depicted with such clarity: the responsiveness with which he turns during a run; the way he palms off a wall to recover from a shove – control is never impeded and his physical connection with his environment is continually reinforced."

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Multigamer3915d ago

lost all respect to edge a long time ago.

predator3915d ago

ive got a ban on buying games till after crimbo from my missis so wont be able to play this beast till then, damit

mighty_douche3915d ago

i wonder who wears the trousers in your house!

same as mine by the sound of it....

predator3915d ago

hey hey hey, u know what a girl is like when it comes to crimbo man, its no zone, but i put my foot down for mass effect, hell no was i waiting for that

marionz3914d ago

alot of people say its reperitive, but i love it despite that!
i actually liked the old tenchu games and look how repetitive they were

assasins creed is awesome, i wasnt going to buy it on 360 because of the few negative things i had heard but im glad i decided to ignore the reviews, im addicted and not in the slightst bit bored with the side missions yet, im milking this game for all its worth

lucky my missus dont controll my wallet :pp

Si-Fly3915d ago

I wouldn't worry too much Predator, you're not missing out on much apart from some fancy graphics. You'll be bored of Assassins by the end of christmas day.