Top 5 Steam Games Under $10

5 great games for the PC Gamer with a tight budget.

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brown0092170d ago

Love the sega classics. Always a good choice.

kma2k2170d ago

Im amazed the steam hack isnt being made into a much much bigger deal?

DBLDeathDealer2170d ago

Agreed, this should be a huge deal. Steam getting Another place for my stuff to get stolen.

Great article, BTW.

ViralAyatane2170d ago

It is not being made a big deal, because it will only cause panic to make it a big deal.

The letter Gabriel posted on the site stated that everything that was stolen was encrypted. Changing your information should fix everything.

Winkle922170d ago

Don't forget THE BINDING OF ISAAC!!! Utterly awesome game and only $5.

snakebite362170d ago

Dungeons of Dredmor is great too.

maawdawg2170d ago

Definitely, it is probably the best Roguelike I have ever played, going all the way back to Amiga games. It has an expansion coming out soon too.