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Submitted by ViralAyatane 1481d ago | opinion piece

Top 5 Steam Games Under $10

5 great games for the PC Gamer with a tight budget. (Audiosurf, Half-Life 2, PC, Peggle Deluxe, Sanctum, Steam)

brown009  +   1481d ago
Love the sega classics. Always a good choice.
kma2k  +   1481d ago
Im amazed the steam hack isnt being made into a much much bigger deal?
DBLDeathDealer  +   1481d ago
Agreed, this should be a huge deal. Steam getting Another place for my stuff to get stolen.

Great article, BTW.
ViralAyatane  +   1481d ago
It is not being made a big deal, because it will only cause panic to make it a big deal.

The letter Gabriel posted on the site stated that everything that was stolen was encrypted. Changing your information should fix everything.
Winkle92  +   1481d ago
Don't forget THE BINDING OF ISAAC!!! Utterly awesome game and only $5.
snakebite36  +   1481d ago
Dungeons of Dredmor is great too.
maawdawg  +   1481d ago
Definitely, it is probably the best Roguelike I have ever played, going all the way back to Amiga games. It has an expansion coming out soon too.

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