A Video Featuring the Final Boss fromTekken 6

Warning: spoiler

A video showing Armor King taking on Azazel, the final boss character in the upcoming Tekken 6.

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BloodySinner3666d ago

That boss is huge... If the boss is this big in Tekken 6, image the one in Soul Calibur IV.

picker3323666d ago

The boss look's kind of easy,but still fun to beat up i quess...Lol.
Hope you can get him.

mighty_douche3666d ago

theres so much more depth to its engine than most fighters out there. hopefully number 6 will be no exception!

FirstknighT3666d ago

Tekken has depth??? I see that King still has the same cheap combos. He beat the last boss with the same simple combo. Press punch 4 straight times and you do the juggle. Pshhhhhhhh...Tekken is for noobies.

xaphanze3666d ago

and for 10+ years its still a AAA game. Weird huh?

leon763666d ago

How do you know that? you never played Tekken!!! you hate PS, and the serie is an exclusive PS brand!!! and if you say you played in the arcades ( i doubt it too ), and tekken is for noobies, so....

mighty_douche3666d ago

tell you what, try pulling off some of Pauls 10 hit combos then come back and tell me its for noobs.

socsca3666d ago

I have a PS, and I love Tekken which I think is a great great game. But in the light of a game like Virtua Fighter 5 its really not accurate to call it deep... My opinion.

QQcrybaby3666d ago

Tekken has some depth, far more than DOA and more than SC. But VF is the deepest fighter ever by far.

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Tryst3666d ago

This game is gonna piss on all fighters. The Graphics look amazing and they keep getting better each time I see them.

The only problem is gonna be the review by XBots because its a PS3 exclusive.

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