The Gadget Show: Broadband Truth Campaign(UK only)

Think you're getting a great broadband deal? Think again. With many people falling short of the "up to" speeds offered by their ISP, we're campaigning for the truth: advertised speeds reflecting what we're actually getting.

Join us - test your speed here and let us know what you think below. The result is an indication of your speed in kbps (kilobits per second- please note that speed is measured in kilobits and megabits rather than bytes, a common mistake).

Due to the overwhelming response of the campaign, it might take a minute or so for your test to start. This is because we are limiting the amount of users on the speedtest at any one time, to ensure that the results are not compromised by very high usage. Thanks for your patience!

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Rama262853884d ago

This story is just a bit old to begin with (first saw it on their show at least two weeks ago), but I'm even more surprised by how many channels you got away with including.

Whoever approved this should be ashamed.

Is this even Gaming/Industry news? Probably the only channel this should be in is Tech and it's probably the only channel you haven't included!! Amazing lol

Marty83703884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Have you checked your broadband speed.:)

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

Rama262853884d ago

Yeah, I check my broadband speed regularly. I've recently moved house and I get significantly less than what I used to in my previous address. The reason for this? I'm living further away from my local exchange, so of course my speed is going to be less.

In my last address, I was with Sky and the advertised speed was up to 8mb and I was getting 8.5mb very comfortably. At my new address, I'm now with BT and the advertised is up to 8mb, but I'm getting 1.5mb. But the thing is, I knew I'd get that little, as when ordering they do a test on your line to tell you what speed you'd get. I live a good 6 miles away from my exchange, so I'm not surprised. I'm just glad I can get any service!

It's only the uninformed and those who do not understand the way broadband work who complain about their speed not being as fast as they'd thought.

ravinash3884d ago

Its one thing to know that if I'm this far away from my exchange and have this number on phones plugged into the line...then yeah, sure the speed will be slower.
But if in my case - I'm with orange, their deal is if you have one of their mobiles you can get 1mb broadband for free or 8mb broadband for £5 a month. Now if i'm paying for the 8mb broadband I expect it to be well above the 1mb, otherwise what the hell am I paying for.
there have been time where the speed has been under 1mb as the service is unusable at that time.
I'm paying for the service and expect to be given what it says on the tin.
I don't expect 8mb...but seeing as I live 600m from the exchange...I expect far better than 1mb.
I should also point out that before i was with bulldog, and although the service was crap, they did get better its not the line thats at fault.

mighty_douche3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

i have 10mg, and its ALWAYS 10mg. a dedicated line is always gonna be better than piggy backing on a phone line.

Marty83703884d ago

Well I'm understand perfectly, and I'm 100% behind this campaign. If the result of this campaign gets my ISP too up my broadband speed, thats fine by me.

BTW - Would the ISP's like it if I paid upto £25 a month(and only gave them a fiver). Exactly they would'nt.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

mighty_douche3884d ago

when you signed the contract it would of clearly stated "up to", same ass all of the deals. if you are getting a lot less than you thought you should of done your research before signing your life away.

Rama262853884d ago

The problem though, is that I wouldn't expect this campaign to do anything. All the companies cover themselves by putting 'up to' in front of their advertised speeds. The only way speeds will increase is if they put more broadband exchanges around, or if less people use the internet.

ben8063884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

the thing is though sky told you what you would be getting before you made the deal. no other company does that and thats the problem if sky can tell you why not the other companies?
(and i am getting my advertised speed btw)

EDIT- Good adive from the chap below me, bubbles

Rama262853884d ago

I ordered onling with BT and right at the beginning of the process they do a line check to tell you the speed you should get. Every company has the ability to do this (I believe - at least all the ones I've used) and perhaps you just need to ask them to do it if they don't tell you.

Around 90+% of broadband companies use your standard phone line and thus using BT's service. If BT have the ability to check your line speed, then so do all those companies. Just ask, they should be able to tell you. If they can't, think twice or check another company who can as they're pretty much all the same.

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