Optimus Maximus in minimus sub-$1000 configurations

Engadget reports:

"The $1,564, 113-key Optimus Maximus is priced way, way beyond most people's budget for a keyboard. But man, you still ache for those programmable OLED keys. Now's your chance. Starting February 20th, 2008, Art Lebedev comes true to his word with new 1, 10, and 47 programmable OLED key configurations for $462, $599, $999, respectively. How (almost) practical."

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BloodySinner3799d ago

It's a sweet keyboard. However, even with these new sub-models, it's still ridiculously expensive.

Gamingshouldbefun3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

No normal person would buy that. you can buy whole new PC for that money.
Or Full HD 42" TV with ps3 and 2 games lol.