Tabula Rasa: PlayTM Review - 'a great new twist'

PlayTM writes:

"It's increasingly hard to review any new MMORPG without comparing it to World of Warcraft. In Tabula Rasa's case, it looks like a WoW dev and a twitchy Counter-Strike player spent a passionate night together and came up with this idea.

Action is certainly what you will come across most of the time within this game, and the fast paced combat is indicative of this. Unlike many MMOs, it would be suicide to switch anything around in your inventory during a battle, as your sole source of attack (your mouse) is deactivated along with your ability to shoot things, while you're looking through your inventory. This makes combat a lot more dangerous at times, as you need to quickly ensure that you are always prepared for any battle that may come your way. As well as this, quick reactions are vital in combat, without being able to switch targets quickly, you stand no chance of surviving in what often become large scale assaults on your bases. It's all extremely familiar to any FPS player, yet with a slightly odd (at first) twist on the RPG idea.

However, never fear RPG fans, there is still an in-depth story and enough hidden dice rolling to make sure that this is most definitely an MMORPG, not an online FPS."

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