PSPSPS Reviews Need For Speed: ProStreet 2/10 "dreadful"

PSPSPS writes: "Does the Need for Speed series benefit from its move away from street racing?"

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Gordii3917d ago

To me even when i had my xbox 360 the games that you created were not up to speed. Also there is no denying that you either let your ego go because you were the number 1 Software Company. I am sorry you still are for now but mark my words if you do not change this problem you will loose it to Activison. I think its time to see Madden go to Activison anyway lets be real what has madden offered us from this Yr and Last year a new roaster?... What about nascar? on the 360 its hard as hell to go in reverse. Well the ps3 is a little better at it, it still has problems with it. AND how dare you Ruin Need for Speed. I think you better make changes if its not to late because your name your brand everything you touch turns to sh!t.

And now i am being honest dont hate people. I was looking forward to Half Life coming on the Ps3 but now i see i should just get it for the PC because since EA got their hands on it. People if you disagree please state why.... People if you agree thank you for understanding.

hotrider123917d ago

I agree with you one millionth percent shadowforce how dare they ruin
need for speed and madden and nascar. I love racing games and I dont have that feeling anymore that nfs gives like hotpursuit2 had.

picker3323917d ago

I'm dune buying EA's games!!!,at least driving games!!!

Peace Out!

leon763917d ago

Ouch 2/10...that's low!!! I just hope Burnout do not follow this game...I love the Burnout series, and i want it to be excellent! Well in Criterion I trust!

MK_Red3917d ago

While I don't think NFS:PO is the greatest in series, I believe 2/10 is pretty stupid and too low even with all problems. No, I'm not defending EA. I still believe that they suck pretty hard but NFS:PO is not a 2/10.

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