IGN Reviews Medal of Honor: Airborne for PS3

"After a long line of disappointing games in the Medal of Honor franchise that just never could recapture the magic successes of Allied Assault on the PC, we finally get Medal of Honor: Airborne that combines high presentation values and good, fast-paced fun. While there's definitely some good entertainment value here, the campaign isn't very long, and the multiplayer isn't incredibly deep. Still, it's a good game overall and the best game in the franchise in some time," writes IGN.

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achira3954d ago

i would try that game, if there were not that many games. but this game seems solid.

bumnut3954d ago

It will never be as good as allied assault on pc because the devs that made this left and formed infinity ward (i think).

darx3954d ago

Beat it already kind of short.

dfarbs3954d ago

Am I the only one that thinks there shouldn't be another WWII game for like 10 years? They've made like over 100 of these games by now.

sleepbox3954d ago

oooooo!! a crap WW2 game is reviewed for PS3!!! Better be in the top few stories at the top of N4G!!