GameInformer - Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Review

I remember the rush of excitement the first time Nintendo unveiled the Wii’s motion controllers. The upcoming system was still called the Revolution back then, and the name seemed well-suited. My mind flooded with visions of how I would use the insane new controller in the future: shooting down opponents with pinpoint accuracy, swinging my sword like a skilled blademaster, jumping with controller in hand as an on-screen Mario does the same – who knows what else? It was a strange, risky move for Nintendo, but the publisher had my implicit trust. I believed Nintendo would figure it out.

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Focus2538d ago

All hail the game of the year

StraightPath2538d ago

All hail Skyrim and Zelda lol Zelda returns to smack fanboys haha

oricon2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

sadly it has no chance of getting goty, if super mario galaxy 2 the highest rated game this gen couldn't get it this won't because its on the wii, it's not HD and does not have next gen graphics that you would get on a PS3 and 360.

I think the contenders are Skyrim, Uncharted 3, Batman, Gears and COD :/.

SonyNGP2538d ago

Except that Zelda actually got nominated for GOTY while MW3 and Gears 3 didn't.

Optical_Matrix2538d ago

COD and Gears are NOT, GoTY contenders. U mad?

oricon2538d ago

I didn't know they already done the nominations, surprised cod isn't there due to how popular it is, still i don't think Zelda will win, the most popular games either Uncharted or whatever will win.

@optical, no need to get defensive im not bashing the game, its my personal GOTY, i don't really care for shooters and what not, also i dont own a xbox to play Gears and dont have any of the Cod games, im merely stating what people will vote for, with all the Wii bashers i seriously doubt it will win and i'll be surprised if it does.

Theyellowflash302537d ago

Mario galaxy 1 and 2I got goty from many publications and websites

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DonaldBeck2538d ago

i may buy a wii for this game

Prophet-Gamer2538d ago

You should man. Contrary to what many people claim, the Wii does have plenty of great games that make it worthwhile.

ABizzel12538d ago

It's been 5 years so there should be good games on the Wii. The people who complained about the Wii were those who bought it at launch. People talked about the PS3 not having games at launch, but that was a lie, it had some very good games in it's first year, the complaints were because of the lack of known franchises.

The Wii however, had nothing but Wii Sports, Wii Play, and a Gamecube port of Twilight Princess it's entire first year.

I'm tempted to buy another Wii now for this game as well, but I might as well wait for the Wii U next year, so I'm going to rent it or buy it and play it on a relatives Wii. The Legend of Zelda is one of my top 5 possibly top 3 video game franchises ever.

bennyace2538d ago

I wish I could play this right now!

SDF Repellent2538d ago

I think Walmart is selling an exclusive Blue Wii for $99 bucks during Black Friday in the US. It is worth checking out if you don't already own a wii. http://nintendoeverything.c...

pctrollv42538d ago

wtf is going god, skyward sword destroying everything out there in terms of reviews! hell to the yeah son, am a hardcore pc gamer, but i fi have to choose a console, ill pick the one that is not a poser and doesnt pretend to be hardcore. The Wii. Ill play zelda and mario on wii before anything else on the other wannabe hardcore consoles, cause we all know, the true hardcore, is on pc, not on some poser console like deadbox. I have respect for p3 for being open. But deadbox is just a joke.

delosisland2538d ago

Wow...did u really just attack xbox for no reason whatsoever...sigh. although I agree zelda does rock, but u certainly have issues

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The story is too old to be commented.