10 Games Jack Thompson will Hate, in 2008

With Jack Thompson back in the news preaching his ill-informed tripe, gameplayer has taken a look at 10 games coming out in 2008 that are sure to cop a lecture and a lawsuit. Including mock quotes, this article is meant for fun, but is probably scarily close to the truth.

"Join us, then, as we gaze into our crystal ball, and look at the 10 games most likely to enrage Jack Thompson in 2008. For each game, we list a fabricated, but entirely possible sound-byte from the man himself. If righteous indignation was a drug, Mr. Thompson would have to check himself into rehab…"

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Hydrollex3915d ago

son of a yellow monkey fuking bastard piece of shark's sh!t. Damn if I was George Bush I would say Jack was helping Saddam Hussein in many missions so kill him too.

Tarmgar3915d ago

Lol, love the title. Let's all just hope he'll lose his license sometime soon so he can stop this damn attention ranting he's been doing.

MK_Red3915d ago

Nice find, great list and games, though it's wrong to say there are 10 games JT will hate in 2008. Jack Thompson hates all games ;)

Also, they forgot about Fallout 3 which could be one of the most controversial games in years because of evil and dark paths as well as ability to kill and wipe out a whole city from the map. Plus, it has nukes.
+lol at LEGO Batman... and at SC4's description. One of the better top 10 lists in sometime even though they forgot about Fallout3.

tony3915d ago

he forgot ninja gaiden 2.

PS360PCROCKS3915d ago

yea wtf no NG2? That's the goriest game I have ever seen, plus just wait til the first God Of War footage is released, plus fallout like MK_red mentioned. Plus lol yeah MK he does hate all games.

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