EA:Development of PS3 games going well

Electronic Arts' Chief Financial Officer Warren Jenson, has announced that his company's development of PlayStation 3 games is going well, and further along than development for the Xbox 360 was.

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THAMMER14450d ago

We should not expect anything less a year later right.

Fuzz McDeath4450d ago

...EA would have had more time with it too...

jiggajayp4450d ago

We Will see when NFSC releases! I bet that there is no difference! And if ther is, the 360 version WILL look better!

bambam19014450d ago

What is that based on? I'm not sure why fanboys are so adament about everything. If that's you're opinion, back it up. Don't claim something to be a fact that is just your biased opinion. My opinion is that they'll probably look the same. That's not what the article was about anyway. Is it that hard to stay on topic?

Marty83704450d ago

PS3 will look better.PS3/Blu-ray are the future.

bambam19014450d ago

This is also just a biased opinion, just to be fair.

GRUNT4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

I hope The Sims 3(if there is going to be one) doesn't suck on what the XBox,PS2, and the Nintendo Gamecube versions were like.Hehehe sold my Sims 2 PS2 game on EBay a few days later it sucked really bad.