Video game rentals hurt overall sales

A new report by Magid Associates confirms what many already know -- that video game rentals (as is the case with any type of rental) significantly hinder sales.

Do you regularly rent video games?
Less than 10 percent of renters go on to purchase a play tested game says Game Daily. That same group only buys a tenth of the games they rent, however.

That's a sizable number considering that almost 40 percent of weekly console gamers report renting at least on game in the last year.

Teenagers, with limited or no disposable income, represent almost 30 percent of game renters even though they make up only 12 percent of the total gamer population.

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unsunghero283913d ago

The success of restaurants detracts from the sale of TV dinners.

More news you probably could have guessed on your own at 11.

BrianC62343913d ago

This report is pretty silly. Was it a slow day on Everyone knows this by now Some people rent games because they can't afford $60 a game. Other people rent them to see if they want to buy them. I guess the thing to do is make great games that take a long time to finish. Then more people will buy them. Give more replay to the games. And keep adding new downloadable content to extend the life of the game. For free. I bet that would get more sales.

Ju3913d ago

Surprised ? $60 a game! There's the answer.

Skerj3913d ago

When you find yourself purchasing 7 of them in a month and a half timespan that IS something.

BrianC62343913d ago

I agree that $60 isn't that much. To some people it is but I remember Genesis and SNES games that were going for that much and more. Wasn't the Sega Virtua Racer game around $75? Or was it even more than that? I'd prefer to go back to $40 or $50 but I guess that won't happen soon.

Ju3913d ago

Maybe $60 isn't _that_ much, but it sums up. With the number of games available it is a lot, IMO. Also, why no price range ? Some games do not have that high of an production value, but yet they release with $60. Sure, they'll drop down after a while, but why not release some @ $39 ?

unsunghero283913d ago

That with the expected expansion of digital distribution, in a couple gens the average price for a game could be a mere $30.

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PS360WII3913d ago

this is one of those 'duh' articles

ceedubya93913d ago

I can't remember how many times I rented a game and was thankful I didn't buy it. Thank God I have Gamefly. With today's game prices, you have to really be careful with what you buy. I would be pissed if I spent 60 bucks on a crappy game that seemed really good or a good game that is only like 5-6 hours long.

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The story is too old to be commented.