Silent Hill V sees the return of radio, flashlight ... sixaxis?

Ps3fanboy has been wondering what's in store for Silent Hill V ever since they first caught sight of it a long time back. Would the American company, The Collective, simply mash together existing elements in the franchise to give us a ho-hum formulaic view of the mist-ridden town as a different character, or offer something new to bring some life back into arguably the most horrifying series of games known to man? Ps3fanboy still doesn't know, but some of the latest scans from PLAY magazine gives them some idea of what to expect, including a little bit about the characters you'll encounter.

Better combat seems like a promise, since the protagonist Alex was taught to be a hunter at an early age, with proficiencies in grappling, using weapons, and evading attacks. The radio, which emits static when enemies are nearby, and the flashlight were dropped in Silent Hill 4: The Room because ... well ... for some reason, but they're returning in this title. The camera will feature full 360-degree motion, which is a nice touch, and the PlayStation 3 version is noted to have some possible Sixaxis functionality.

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skyline20033947d ago

Ill be the first to admit Silent Hill was too dam scary for me haha. I remember a baby walking through a wall and it freaked me out.. Never played it again LOL.

killer_trap3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

i smell a chicken. lol, but seriosly silent hill 2 was the climax of the series and if you thought silent hill was scary then try fatal frame, i usually turn my 5.1 digital setup off when playing this game. :-)

p.s this site needs some smilies. don't you agree

TheExecutive3947d ago

i LOVE the static! Man does it scare the sh*t out of you. I cant wait for SH to make its next gen debut

Prismo_Fillusion3947d ago

Without the radio static Silent Hill is too...silent.

KidMakeshift3947d ago

I want to be excited for this game, but I already know what to expect: hospital, nurses, little annoying girl, fog, barren streets that break off as a level barrier, etc..

So far every Silent Hill plays out like this: look at map / location circled / run there / grab map of place off wall / check 20 doors on each floor, which a majority are locked / solve irrelevant puzzle to gain access to other room or receive irrelevant item which fits into irrelevant item that opens a door / cut scene that explains nothing, repeat but in hell realm.

I really enjoyed 1 & 2. 3 was fair, and 4 no one speaks of. Origins feels like a boring version of 2.

waltercross3947d ago

I've always liked the SH games!, I Think this one will be a bit different then the other SH games, It'll be awesome.