GameSpot gives 4/10 to PS3's Go! Sports Ski

There's a dearth of snow sports games on the PlayStation 3, specifically skiing games. In fact, Go! Sports Ski, a small downloadable game available for the PlayStation 3 from Sony's PlayStation Network, is the only game in town at this point. Regardless, this so-called "skiing simulator" that's meant to show off the Sixaxis motion controls doesn't do enough--neither in quality nor in quantity--to fill that winter-sports void in a satisfactory manner.

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unsunghero283884d ago

If this came out for Wii, some people would probably blame Nintendo for being incompetent and letting a mediocre game through the filters and that the gaming world is doomed and it's all Nintendo's fault blah blah blah.

I'm not one of those people, so I'll just say that I don't care how bad this game is. At all. It doesn't affect my opinion on the PS3 or on Sony as a company in the slightest, and I am tremendously looking forward to some other PlayStation software in the future.

If anyone really feels strongly to the contrary... I'm not even going to bother insulting you. You're not worth it.

ruibing3884d ago

It's a cheap game that probably costs less than what most people have for lunch, so I think if you get as much enjoyment out of a burrito spaced out for a few years equals this game, you might want to just get and see whether its good.

I've read reviews of how some of the cheap PSN sixaxis and eyetoy titles aren't so great, but I found my parents, who have never played a game as far as I remember, and my gf loving them. You just can't tell how a game is from reviews.