How an exploding van made me lose faith in Modern Warfare 3

Gamer's Guide to, 10th November 2011: Chris Hawke considers whether or not Modern Warfare 3 could be considered guilty of copy-and-paste development laziness.

"Assets are reused in video games all the time; it saves a bit of money and means developers can focus on other stuff. But Modern Warfare hardly needs to save money. That van peppers every single multiplayer map numerous times, and players are bound to cast eyes over it on thousands of occasions. So why the hell is it exactly the same as Modern Warfare 2?"

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3GenGames2418d ago

It's just another easter egg to see if you've been playing COD for more than one game. \s

Horny2418d ago

What did people expect. I see the game as an expensive expansion that offers new maps, guns, perks, and slightly different gameplay. It's a fun game to play with your friends and to BS around. They really all are expansion why do you think none of the are titled call of duty 5. Paying 60 once a year is worth the fun I have, that's what it comes down to in the end for me.

death2smoochie2418d ago

"So why the hell is it exactly the same as Modern Warfare 2"

Because they can get away with it and millions still buy the game. That is why.
Why in the devil would they spend more money on improving the physics, graphics and game play when they KNOW that the same consumers will buy the game REGARDLESS how it looks or plays?
Smart business tactic.
MW3 is the new Madden of FPS games.

BattleTorn2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

Very good article; much truth in it.

"What bugs me is what the van represents. It represents laziness. It represents copy-and-paste design. It represents a lack of ambition and, perhaps most irritatingly, a lack of pride."

Lazily re-using old assects is a poor excuse for saving money for other improvements.

This type of laziness from the biggest, highest-grossing franchise shows a complete lack of pride.

Exactly! I don't want to buy a game, which the developers clearly have no pride in anymore!

BattleTorn2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

COD has become the McDonalds of the gaming-industry.

Do you blame the company for making the product their customer keep buying? No; they're a business.

Should you, in good-conscious, support that business's business practices? No.

Would you rather the world be without it entirely? Of course not.

Do you still buy it? Yes, regretibly each time.

Is the world ever going to change? probably not.

Most importantly, does that business have a ethical repsonsiblity to provide better products for their customer? (whom will continue buying no matter what's on the menu); absolutely, or at least in a perfect world they would.

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The story is too old to be commented.