'Handheld Games Consoles Are Doomed'

MCVUK: "Gamesbrief analyst Nicholas Lovell believes dedicated handhelds are doomed and that PlayStation Home is the games sector’s ‘unsung hero’ in an entertaining and at times controversial speech at London Games Conference.

He persuaded 82 per cent of attendees that handheld consoles are doomed. He believes dedicated handhelds cannot compete smartphones, and that it only takes a small number of users to stop buying dedicated portables to kill the sector.
“If you are about to launch PlayStation Vita, that’s quite scary,” he said."

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darthv722384d ago

multipurpose consoles. Those that are portable and yet can be plugged into a tv for the big screen experience.

IPad 2 has tv out, psp/go have it. Not sure why the vita doesnt but if you really think about the convenience of serving two markets (portable/console) you just cant go wrong with a portable powerhouse.

These big machines are not going to remain big forever. It took several years but we got the fun and entertainment of an NES in the palm of our hands. Then it gave way to portable SNES power and later N64 and PS1/2.

Point is, it can be expensive making multiple systems for the various markets. Building a duel purpose machine can be cost effective. Storage formats are getting physically smaller while being logically larger.

CPU/GPU chips are getting faster and smaller at the same time. The internet is out there for everyone to ride without being stuck at home with wires. Handheld consoles are not doomed. They are expanding to do more and eventually will replace the big bulky box that sits under the tv.

A good example would be the ever increasing expansion of laptop computers in place of traditional desktops. Businesses are buying more and more and getting rid of the older bigger units.

The future is not as far off as we might think.

BattleAxe2384d ago

I agree with you there. If the VITA had HDMI out, and you could download any game from the entire PS1, PS2 and PS3 library, there wouldn't be a need for a "home console". I hope Sony moves more in this direction, especially with Online Passes becoming more popular, it would be nice if you could just take your VITA over to a friend's place, plug it into their TV and away you go.

You will probably be able to pair up a DS3 at some point, which would be great if you were able to have the PSV plugged into your TV. I'm at the point now where I'm tired of continually buying a new home console. I use my PC more than ever these days, and a multi-purpose handheld like the Vita would compliment my PC much better then my PS3 does, or a PS4 ever would.

darthv722384d ago

was actually a great little system despite the criticism. I have a dock for it and also one of my sixaxis controllers linked to it. I went with that because there is no point with a ds3. The games dont emit any feedback signal.

Anyways, I like taking the go with me and playing lbp and killzone liberation. I also like setting that thing on the dock and watching vids and playing the games on a bigger screen. They dont look that great but it is still cool to kick back and play the games I have saved to it.

Had sony taken that idea and adapted it for the vita (which they very well could in the next revision) then not only would the games look good portable but they could adapt an upscaling chip to make them look (at minimum) 720p.

I get such opposition whenever I say that something like this can and is going to be the future of gaming. Its ok people, I like my couch and controller too. Im not saying they would do away with that but you cant deny we are seeing a major shift in portable growth.

Sony could lead the way with a platform that does both.

MaxXAttaxX2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

Because dedicated devices still sell!

The PS Vita has proper gaming controls and proper games. Besides, it does more than just play games.

egidem2384d ago

Another reason why these so called experts know nothing about the games industry. Smartphones cannot replace what a dedicated handheld gaming device is capable of doing, like the PS Vita. Just because there are millions of people out there busy flicking birds accross their tiny screens doesn't mean that everyone else with a device such as a PSP is in trouble.

They first need to understand that thes two demographics are targeting two different types of people. Not everyone will flock to smartphones because they happen to be getting faster a more powerful. I need to feel buttons when I'm gaming. Touch screens don't cut it even close. Some people still want a dedicated device for gaming rather than use their smartphones and end up running out of battery then not be able to make that important phone call!

darthv722384d ago

I'm a traditionalist too. Have been since pong but to think that we will continue playing games the same way for the next 30 years is crazy.

We can enjoy our time with the consoles and portables but there will be a convergence and people will be asking why didnt they do this sooner.

Almost anything in technology is met with opposition because it challenges something people have done for a long time. Yet once people let down the shield and see it for what it is then its like it always belonged.

I know I cant go back to listening to tapes (i can with records) or even cd's with digital music pretty much the standard. Same goes for watching movies. My laserdiscs and vhs are quite dusty and my collection of blu is catching up to my dvd's.

It ok to be offput by technology when you arent sure where its going. Portable is where its going and these people that think a simple smart phone will replace dedicated are wrong.

SIX2384d ago

Absolutely agree. I enjoy flicking birds on the screen but in no way would I chose those types of games over a dedicated gaming device. Casual gamers and core gamers are two categories. There will always be more casuals. It's the reason why Transformers will always outsell an indy movie. These ,"experts" will never understand because they are not in tune with how a gamer
thinks. Every gamer that I speak to tell me how much they can't wait for
this device. These analysts are named appropriately as they seem to pull lists from there anus.

iamnsuperman2385d ago

I personally see this being true. The problem is as hardware cost rise more people need to buy them to make an sort of profit. The casual consumer has changed since the DS came out. Their are smart phones and tablets which seem to have taken off. The hardcore may like a dedicated handheld but how long can Nintendo and Sony keep it up especially in this economic world. The biggest test is to see how much the 3DS and Vita sell. If they do OK then we may see another reiteration but I really think dedicated handhelds are dying a slow death. I expect a more smart phone oriented device in the next hand helds.

smashcrashbash2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

BS. Its just like people talking about tablets replacing consoles. If this ever happens its going to be along time from now. Phones STILL have no joysticks, or a battery strong enough for dedicated gaming or games that can compete with the types of game the 3DS and VITA have. They are no where as deep or as complex as them.

If Angry Birds wasn't so cheap it wouldn't be a popular or sell as much. A 9 score for Angry Birds doesn't translate to a 9 for Batman AC or Uncharted. Not to mention not everyone is satisfied with playing a game that is only interesting for 20 minutes. I can play Batman AC for hours when I can play a phone game for about 10 or 20 minutes before I get bored.The casual don't out number us yet. As long as us hardcore are here handhelds aren't going anywhere. People still want dedicated devices e.g. MP3 players

tiffac0082385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

Until we get a battery that can bring us the longevity of a smartphone combined with the power of a dedicated handheld device without it exploding on our faces. I don't see the market dying out anytime soon.

And its really unfair to talk about sales when there are more smartphone makers out there and only 2 dedicated handheld producers and Sony also makes smartphones too.

There are many factors why people buy new smartphones (trend, necessity comes to mind) but for a dedicated handheld device you only have one, that's playing games.

So the only way the dedicated gaming device will die if there are no games to play on them and not because the casual players shifted their interest to the smartphone market.

As people have stated before don't underestimate the casuals. Well then I have to say never underestimate the core gamers too.

Coltrane_C2384d ago

What Smartphone do you have that can handle hours of gaming?

tiffac0082384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

Because people have claimed that the smartphones will become as powerful as the dedicated handheld devices, some say even as powerful as a console.

So just imagine those types of gaming power with the current battery tech we have now.

It would be one hell of a fail for being a smartphone wouldn't it?

Because I don't know anyone who buys a phone only to low-batt it by playing hours and hours of games on one. That would just fails the purpose of having a portable phone with you.

Inception2384d ago

well said tiffac well said
bub up for you :)

Ddouble2384d ago

When was the last time you heard an analyst say the word "coexist". It seems something must always kill something else.

Handhelds are not going anywhere.

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