Is EA Testing the Idea of Paying for Specific Game Modes?

Eric of writes:

"Recently, EA announced that the story mode of Fight Night Champion will be available for download on the PSN for $5. The mode, titled Champion Mode, is the first story-based mode featured in a Fight Night title, and lets you play out the career of Andre Bishop. For $4.99 you can download the standalone mode and play through its entirety (including earning trophies). From there, you can purchase the rest of the modes individually, which range from $5-$10. Could this mean EA is testing the waters for future EA Sports titles to follow suit?"

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rrquinta2297d ago

Considering what we saw with project $10, I would be surprised if we see more of this "a la carte" mode situation with other games. It has potential to be great for gamers--but it also has potential to be abused (as we've seen with day-one DLC and online passes). I honestly hope this doesn't turn into the "pay for the ending" type of crap, and stays something that benefits both gamers and publishers. Obviously, only time (and gamer purchasing habits) will tell.

TheLiztress2297d ago

I really hope they take advantage of this and not just from EA. I think it's a good idea for sports titles because not everyone is going to want to play or will enjoy every mode.