Saints Row The Third Gets a Season Pass; DLC Details Outed

With the season pass in games becoming a norm in the video game industry, don’t be surprised if THQ’s Saints Row: The Third will be getting one as well next week.

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admiralvic2173d ago

I'm glad to see the season passes are becoming popular. They're definitely a good deal for gamer's and a nice little boost overall.

limewax2173d ago

Either way you still pay for the DLC so I honestly don't see a difference. It's just a marketing trick to make it seem like you are getting a good deal while really you are still paying a substantial price for little benefit. Only when you consider the groundwork of the game and then the little work required to add the DLC does the price really start to look so expensive


Popular with who? Popular with devs or popular with gamers..

are you for real? there is nothing good about season passes and it's not adding anything of value. it's just a way for publishers to make more money at the expense of gamers who are just to weak to say no to it.

Personally I bought both the 1st and 2nd saints row new when they launched. I wanted to get saints row 3rd but was going to wait till xmas because of all the other games out. Then R* threw up the gta5 trailer and then I heard about the online pass and that was the final nail in the coffin.

I am not happy with any sort of online pass, season pass or any other crap and if I can avoid games trying to promote such stuff I will.

Deadman_Senji2173d ago

Isn't this really just...paying in advance for pretty much the same thing?

Hazmat132173d ago

why is it when im gonna play this game i want to walk down the street and play the song another one bites the dust. LOL

MasterD9192173d ago

Got the season pass & the Genki pack with my order from tHQ store not too long ago...don't know if that deal is still active or not but it comes free with your copy.

MasterD9192172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

Looks like that deal is still active...hurry up if you want it! This is the entire package- SR3 + Free Shipping + Genki + FREE SEASON

You can thank me later =)

fooxy2173d ago

I'll just wait for GOTY edition or substantial price drop of retail, sorry but don't feel like going $80 upfront on a game that only offers co-op besides single player

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