The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is King of the Modern RPG

New York IBTimes: In an age of video games when first-person shooters and sports genres dominate most of the best-selling charts, the developers at Bethesda Game Studios have remained dedicated to RPGs. The Elder Scrolls has been called a "role-playing juggernaut series" by Game Informer and one writer from Destructoid has gone a step further: "Preparing for a new Elder Scrolls game is like preparing to die. One must ensure they get all their worldly affairs in order, speak with the people who mean everything to them, and have a final meal. After all, once that disc goes in, the user may as well have departed from our mortal world."

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Bigpappy2294d ago

I approve to this message.

Jappy-k72293d ago

Skyrim is going to be great picking up my copy today, but let us not forget 2 amazing RPGs this year Xenoblade and Dark Souls both definitely deserve to be nominated for GOTY!

SnakeCQC2293d ago

i wanted to buy this on steam but its down :(

tdrules2293d ago

What problems are you having, seems to working fine in the UK

SnakeCQC2293d ago

im in the uk and it wouldn't let me get in earlier now it seems to be working thx

Dreassic2293d ago

Modern gaming sure has gone in the shitter if trash like this is considered king of modern ropg gaming.

BldyShdw2293d ago

wow...either d-bag or just crazy to think this is trash...or maybe you just like your "oh so realistic" war simulators :)

LightofDarkness2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

Perhaps you could enlighten us as to what is so much better than this that it makes it seem like trash by comparison? Or are you just talking out of your ass? I'm going to go with the latter.

Perjoss2293d ago

The fact that Skyrim (and Batman) has a good chance to knock Uncharted 3 off the top slot as GotY has some people nervous.

candystop2293d ago

Skyrim is D&D done right like no other before it. Oh and D&D is where it started not JRPGs.

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Theo11302293d ago

The Witcher 2 claims that throne.

RedDead2293d ago

It doesn't Imo/ Skyrim really is amazing

VampiricDragon2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

king of modern rpgs?

Some handheld rpgs released this year have outscored it, and others will for sure outsell it ( pokemon black/white). So whats the barometer for king?

Its alright to say skyrim is an amazing game, but isnt anyone else sick of " this is the king" "this is the greatest" " this is the ________"?

"there are very few RPGs that are even produced in this era of gaming"

Ok phew, I can ignore this article fully now. I cant believe they have someone who has no clue, reviewing an rpg. Theres been more rpgs made this era/gen, than even the last from both east and west.

"most that are produced haven't done enough to push the genre forward."

Says who? You?

"Even games like Final Fantasy and the Legend of Zelda have been unable to generate this type of hype over the last several years."

Uh.......13 was the fastest selling to 5 million, and skyward sword is doing far better in reviews..........

I understand hype in order to make your review seem legit. But when you lie. Its not cool

Chuk52293d ago

"Some handheld rpgs released this year have outscored it, and others will for sure outsell it ( pokemon black/white). So whats the barometer for king?"

"skyward sword is doing far better in reviews.........."

You realize Skyrim is the highest rated game this year right?

96%-60 reviews (skyrim)
95%-18 reviews (Skyward sword)

Also, final fantasy is one of the most stagnate, irrelevant rpgs of the last decade.

Stealth2k2293d ago

Nothing negative was said there about skyrim. Your kinda coming off as a hater fanboy.

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