Ditching the Nostalgia Goggles

GameXplain: "As kids, we have a tendency to think everything is awesome. There’s a new TV show that’s a carbon copy of Power Rangers? Awesome. New action figures came out with a shiny coat of paint and maybe, maybe another movable joint but are still almost the same thing your parents bought you two weeks before? Still awesome. Our ten-year-old minds are programmed to love. But as we grow older, it’s normal for this borderline irrational acceptance to fade away, leaving behind a more cynical, cold and, OK fine, grounded sense of judgment."

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mike1up2412d ago

A Link to the Past... a game that i am willing to sell my soul for.

Marceles2412d ago

LTTP is my ALL TIME favorite Zelda, I'm sorry newer Zeldas, but that's my absolute blueprint. I even like it more than OOT

iLL_Ranger2412d ago

I still have nostalgia of morph-ing with Kimberly (aka Pink Ranger). Does that count?

Deadman_Senji2412d ago

What is with this recent practice of turning on old installments? We've seen people do this with FF games over and over.

Can't you just let the past be the past? Sure, things have "improved" since the "old days" but these games are still good for the time they were released. They are pieces of history. And if people still want to treat the game (example FF7) like it just came out and is the greatest game on Earth, fine...because at one time...IT WAS. It doesn't make it "overrated." It just means the game HAS the longevity of a true legend and should be considered such.

Why are people so eager to butcher their memories with such a cynical viewpoint? I'm not that cynical. I don't understand the Nostalgia Goggles argument. It has never applied to me except in the case of Anime, specifically DBZ.

Deadman_Senji2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

I should say that I do not relate to the anti-nostalgia people, I "understand" them just perfectly. I understand them and I pity them due to that understanding.

Edit: I am not talking about the article but people who attack games with the "nostalgia goggles" argument.

mike1up2412d ago

Nostalgia isn't the enemy. Nostalgia keeps us grounded, and reminds us just how far we have come as gamers.

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The story is too old to be commented.