Ghostbusters 2008 Gameplay Footage

Have a look at this video footage from the up coming Ghost Busters game.

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sonarus3918d ago

i gotta be honest not that impressed. Unless there is some kind of coop feature i really dnt see myself giving this another look

solidt123918d ago

I don't know about co-op but it will have some kind of online multi-player.

ChaosKnight3918d ago

Hmmm... I can see this working well with the PS3 six axis and most especially with the wii controls. I love the movies, hopefully they do a good job with the game.

sonarus3918d ago

yea cus of folklore but i still feel it needs 4 player coop 2 really enhance the fun

MK_Red3918d ago

I saw it 2 weeks ago and was pretty impressed. For an early build of work in progress, it looks pretty good IMO. And, its GHOST BUSTERS!

Prismo_Fillusion3918d ago

Same. And come on people...this is a YouTube video - were you expecting it to look like a 1080p tv?

TheExecutive3918d ago

they had better work on the lighting... its bad. I dont know how far along in development they are but I definitey wouldnt be showing this if I were sierra.

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The story is too old to be commented.