Skyrim Launches: What Will You Ignore? writes, "When a game as massive as Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim launches, there’s usually something that’s going to be ignored for a few days. While we’re sure that there are gamers who won’t be picking it up, there’s a massive amount that have been anxiously awaiting a few years for this day to arrive."

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DonaldBeck2297d ago

good one. n4g sometimes is way to negative.

Pikajew2297d ago

N4G=Negitivity 4 Gamers


i LOVE the fact that people disagrees :D i love this place

jthamind2297d ago

i had a blast with Dark Souls, and i wanted to keep playing it, but once Skyrim arrived, Dark Souls got put away for good.

The_Nameless_One2297d ago

The entire game. Too much to play and very little interest.

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