Skyrim Werewolf and Vampires Details

"We just found some werewolf news from a forum that one of the users said "I've literally just turned into a werewolf for the first time - it's initiated through the Companions/Fighter's Guild quest-line and works the same as a shout "

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Clown132170d ago

Time to make a new save and rampage through villages.

Captain Qwark 92170d ago

im fully planning on turnign to a werewolf on my main save, i love it in morrrowind and sooooooooooo pumped they brought it back......

my guy will be single handedly responsible for saving the world while at the same time destroying village after village in a genocidal rampage of awesome!

inveni02169d ago

Yes, once I saw the video pre-release of the transformation, I knew that I'd be going werewolf. Not sure I'll do it with this character, though. I'm playing a dark elf that's heavy on magic. It seems more suited to go vampire. But we'll see, I guess.

Stapes72169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

No need to make a new save, your bounty goes away as soon as you turn human (or Elf, Argonian, Khajit or Orc) again.

Dlacy13g2170d ago

Ahh... lovely, another lets spoil the game for others article. I come to this site for news not spoiling of games. I grow tired of all this shit journalism that gives the "details" of inside a game and in the headline of the article basically spoils things.

I would have loved to play skyrim and discovered on my own that there were werewolves and vampires, but sadly sites like this feel the need to give us all the details, instead of allowing us to discover it ourselves. Its the one thing I hate most in todays gaming journalism.

user77927882169d ago

People hated vampires in oblivion because they couldn't go out in the sun, but i don't think that many people knew that all you had to do was feed on someone and it will take you back to the first vampire stage and then you can go out into the sun.

BigPenguin2169d ago

How the fuck do you report a title for spoilers??? I did not know skyrim had werewolves until I saw this on the front page. Mods take the dicks out of your mouths and do your fucking jobs. Offense meant.