Modern Warfare 3 reviews: why is this the most hated game on the web?

It's been greeted with critcal acclaim and, probably, record-breaking sales. So why do internet forums and comment sections despise Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 so much?

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icecoldfire2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

it was an excellent game in its haytime but now its either ''m'eh'' or completely terrible game. only call of duty 1 2 and 4 were the good ones and thats bout it. we expected more from the game but the game is meant 4 8-13 yr old kids even thogh its an 18 or above game

ElementX2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

I think you mean heyday

Army_of_Darkness2108d ago

If it actually sells less than black ops, maybe, just maybe, activision will build a new engine for their COD games along with other improvements. fingers crossed....

hiredhelp2108d ago

The BIG cod debate. Clash of the cod fans, is this going to be a yearly on going debate tune in next year.

Are we off air now great back to the battlefield [email protected] chopper after me.

icecoldfire2108d ago

ur right i kind of forgotten bout that. thnx a bunch and bubbles 4 u.

Danny Dan2108d ago

The most loved is always the most hated. Just like Sony at the beginning of this generation.

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ATi_Elite2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

I actually hate Halo worse but COD is up there.....although back in it's day COD1 COD2 CODMW1 were and still are classic titles!!

I got my MW3 Copy for $30 today....gonna sale it tomorrow for $55 cause I'm not gonna play that shite CODMW1 version 4.0!

kaozgamer2107d ago

then why bother buying it in the first place?

Ilikegames762108d ago

The best COD:MW is the first one. The rest of the sequel are just milking the franchise by Activision.

ambientFLIER2108d ago

Yeah, you're right, MW2 2 years later is totally milking...

crzyjackbauer2108d ago

see this is the problem with all u people
just like madden ya'll buy it every year
i buy madden every 2 years so i can notice the diffrence and the improvements
i've played COD4 then MW2 now im playin MW3
i didint get WAW or black ops i got bored of WWII shooters and black ops was a step back going to the cold war era IMO
cod4 was a masterpiece
mw2 had spec ops wich i loved
mw3 has more balanced multiplayer than mw2 and it has more spec ops + survival
i dont get it why ya'll say its the same game, that ya'll are getting milked
if i buy a game i try to play it to every extent not just multiplayer
modern warfare has a great story if ya'll dont apriciate it then thats your loss

ha2e482108d ago

bro can you milk a cat? can you milk me llikegames76?

Biggest2108d ago

Why does everyone have to be everyone, crzyjackbauer? Y'all may have bought Madden, but I am not in y'all. I haven't purchased a NFL game since NFL2K5. I bought CoD4 and loved every minute of it. That and MGS4 made deployment bearable. I bought MW2 expecting advancements in the game and was extremely dissapointed. I was disappointed in WaW because it wasn't even as good as MW2. I didn't even THINK about buying Black Ops (though my 9yr old STILL hasn't shut up about wanting it). That is why MW3 has no chance in hell of being a good game to me. It isn't hate of the popular. It's hate of a game that doesn't do enough to justify paying $60. If Batman can improve on an already outstanding first game, so can MW. If Uncharted can improve on an already outstanding series, so can MW. If Gears of War can improve on an already outstanding series, so can MW. The development team has not done enough work in my opinion. They don't deserve my money.

Rhythmattic2108d ago


You've saved me from a lot of typing :)

My Sentiments exactly.

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kingdavid2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

We can Lay by the bay,I could make things out of clay, eat some hay

What do you say?

Foxton012108d ago

hey, lets all just play. like they say, games that stay are the ones that make my day.

mike_d_2108d ago

I guess nobody else understood your Happy Gilmore reference lol

Kalowest2108d ago

Happy Gilmore is the Sh1t, lmao.

bviperz2108d ago

You eat pieces *giggles* of sh1t for breakfast?

Trunkz Jr2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Me winning the MVP pin in BF3 ~

CoD Player going 2/17 end of round in BF3

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badz1492108d ago

just ask anyone on N4G or anywhere else, they will definitely say CoD4 is a great game and they love it! why? for its time, it was revolutionary and it actually brought something new to the table! several years later - 4 years to be exact, the quality of the franchise is stale (BO actually looks worst) and you don't have to be a LoT or DF member to see that they are all just CoD4 with different setting - more like expansion packs if anything, thus the hate!

reviewers giving free passes due to the "if it ain't broken don't fix it" mentality isn't helping the situation either because most of them whine like an ungrateful b*tch when other games are more of the same in their sequels and start barking the phrase "no innovation" all of the sudden like a dumb puppy!

the thing is, CoD IS BROKEN! no beta after CoD4 warrants day-1 glitches and exploits which lead to cheating, and not to mention connection errors for a certain platform which have left gamers who willingly pay $60 for the game frustrated! yeah, sure they were fixed afterwards but shouldn't this kind of things sorted out before release?....not to mention for a franchise as huge as CoD?

Hicken2108d ago

You just said pretty much everything people REALLY have problems with in the franchise. It's not that they're bad games. They've just improved less than any other series out there in the past four years.

People will bring up yearly sports games as a comparison, but Madden 12 or NBA 2K12 or FIFA 12 is considerably different from their iterations four games ago.

damnyouretall2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

i know halo doesnt improve much. but what if ms had another developer make halo games along side bungie? every year a new halo. would you like it? hell no. and the biggest damn joke will be treyarchs next black ops ,or whatever next year. cmon man! i honestly think if it was just infinity ward making them all this time and activision didnt dictate the franchise, i would be playin mw3 right now. its a shame something i loved so much got ruined. thats what makes me bash it. people that dont realize this are morons

Poopface the 2nd2108d ago

except its not terrible at all. It is merely a good game, and it is great for fans of COD. It is not amazing, revolutionary, or mind blowing. But it also doesnt suck, isnt a bad game and isnt broken.

This is my first COD game since cod4, so maybe Im having fun with it because I havent had a COD game for 4 years now. But the fact remains, IW created a game for their fans and not the haters who would hate it anyways because they dont even play it.

frostypants2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

It's OK, but for me it's $60 for a sequel that's lower quality than the original (MW1) that came out 4 years ago. Therein lies the rage. It's like The Godfather Part III. Is it decent? Sure. But relative to the first two, it's terrible.

Trunkz Jr2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

@Poopface the 2nd

They wouldn't be haters if they corrected the problems which made people hate it to begin with, which is lack of dinosaurs.

cyborg69712108d ago

The mp in this game is terrible. I haven't tried single or spec ops. If I were to grade on mp alone I would give it a 7. The maps are the smallest ever and there are so many choke points.

At least the killstreaks arent so op.

frostypants2108d ago

The issue IMHO is actually that the maps provide TOO MANY alternate ways to get around. Combined with the awful random spawning, which feels like something from a 15 year old FPS and easily worse that that in any other CoD, it turns every match into nothing more than a glorified water-balloon fight in the front yard. There are NO tactics in this game...

Getowned2108d ago

Yeah MW3 kinda sucks,anyone else feel Black ops was a better game then MW3 between the two,Now I think COD4 is still the best one but between Blops and MW3 I felt Blops MP was better anyone else feel this way ? It's like Blops took away some of the noobieness,and quick scoping crap away and MW3 brought it back.

zeddy2108d ago

i wonder what amazing innovations the next battlefield game will bring. its just a matter of time before they too start to recycle the same things.

frostypants2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Maybe, but the gameplay is already years ahead of CoD in terms of refinement. The scale is bigger, there is destructibility, there are vehicles. These are things that could be expanded on and would have a big impact on gameplay. All CoD can seem to do these days is nitpick the killstreaks. CoD needs to get out of the old school small-scale "Doom" mindset.

Also, the refusal to address issues like the 800ms lag and the quickscoping *BUG* doesn't help their cause.

r1sh122108d ago

This article is quite decent..
Read the concluding paragraph, it talks about how gaming journalists seem to have different views on this game compared to users/players.

chriski3332108d ago

WTF!? why is it hated? Because activision just recycled MW2 I done with
call of duty no more money for these greedy POS

keke9612108d ago

If we no longer want to put up with expansion pack type games, we need to stop buying the game. But that's not going to happen, atleast not until the general public wakes the F up.