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Brutal Gamer writes:

Let’s face facts. The initial tranche of PS Move titles we’re a very mixed bunch. For every Sports Champions you had 2 Kung Fu Riders. But it has to be said that Zindagi did a great job with Sports Champions and it remains one of the only PS Move games I still play.

Along then came the announcement that Zindagi were working on a new title, now Sports Champions 2, but an action game called Medieval Moves.

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BitbyDeath2297d ago

Sigh another demo review.
Journalists are just getting damn lazy these days

moosehound2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

I have the disc.. right here in front of me matie... I most certtainly have NOT reviewed a demo and take offence at the allegation!

This game is pretty mediocre at best and perhaps you should direct your grief towards the makers instead?

BitbyDeath2296d ago

Your review doesn't mention half the stuff the IGN review did. I played the demo and everything you mentioned was in that.

Did you realise that their are a lot more weapons in the game than those that you had mentioned?

moosehound2294d ago

Yes I did but did not list them all. I swear to god, play the game for 5 hours THEN see if you still sing it's praises ;)

For a 1 -2 hour play it has merit but after that its so mediocre it makes u zzzzzzzzzzzz

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2297d ago

bad review. but i'm not expecting this to be good. it seems like this is just somethingsony is doing to tide us over til something like sorcery hits. but who knows... it might be fun.

2297d ago