Buyer's Guide: Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3 writes: "we've had this date from the beginning. Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 are both extremely capable shooters that stand tall on their own merits, but by actively seeking competition through their vicious advertising campaigns and releasing so close together, EA and Activision have brought this battle on themselves. Turning boring consumerism into an exciting war between franchises and fanbases is one of the oldest marketing tricks in the book, and the two publishers have been playing their roles brilliantly.

But we're all about the games, not the franchises. It can be very difficult to choose between them, so much like we did for FIFA and PES 2012, we've put together a buyer's guide. The point of this article isn't to pick an overall winner, rather, it's compare each aspect of the two titles so you can work out which game is right for you. "

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duplissi2445d ago


lol you like battlefield (i do) get battlefield, you like call of duty (i dont) then get call of duty and be done with this nonsensical bullshit. gawd....

bloodybutcher2445d ago

if i could,i´d get both.both series have always been fun to play.but this time i will(yes,i still don´t have it) be Dark Souls!besides,i am bit tired of fps DS,Skyrim,Batman,U3,AC R and Deus Ex are my focus atm.

2445d ago
DaCandyman2445d ago

Buyers Guide from a COD fanatic... That is what it seems like to me. Get both games. It is to your taste of FPS. My Opinion BF3 on PC is the obvious choice overall. Console wise, I like the strategy of war games, COD/MW games are Rambo run and gun, with simple strategy. BF3 requires chess like strategy. Like the 1st comment below the article says "You can play the same map many different ways by spending a game fighting in the jets today, maybe playing infantry only or rush tomorrow and then camping a distant hill as a sniper the next." Carry a sniper in BF3 you will feel like a sniper. Carry a sniper rifle in MW3 and you are still running and gunning. close combat with a sniper rifle???? WTF???