The PlayStation Card: Maximize Your Gameplay and Points-Earning Power

Sony introduces the Playstation Card.

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Christopher2415d ago

Ugh. Capital One? No thanks. Horrible CC company, IMHO.

lorianguy2415d ago

No wonder you have a godly amount of bubbles, you talk sense!

thebudgetgamer2415d ago

Also he's mod, but I won't refute the talking sense part.

banjadude2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Wait... so if this is a VISA card... why is Capital One included too? Sorry, I don't know much about CCs. Thanks in advance.

Jobesy2415d ago

The only thing you should know about credit cards is don't get one. They are a big reason why world economies are in the state they're in.

But to answer your question, Capitol One is the bank that is actually giving you the line of credit. Visa is the monetary form of payment and they facilitate the transactions.

thebudgetgamer2415d ago

The thing is be responsible with your purchases and not to act rich when you're bot because you have a cc.

TheMrMadzen2415d ago

Why is there a PS2 tag in this post?
(I don't live in US, so this card means nothing to me...)

2414d ago