Battlefield 3 Still Unable To Dislodge Black Ops On Xbox Live

During Battlefield 3's launch week the title failed to surpass either Call of Duty: Black Ops or Modern Warfare 2 on the list of the Top 20 Xbox Live Titles. That changed up a bit last week with BF3 nudging up the chart past Modern Warfare 2 to settle into the number two spot behind Black Ops.

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maniacmayhem2355d ago

BF 3 is a good game...if only i could hit the other team in constant prone state.

crzyjackbauer2355d ago ShowReplies(1)
towelie12882355d ago

black ops is horrible
cant believe people still play it

papashango2355d ago

Ya what a horrible game. on steam blackops was surpassed by cod4 and mw2 long ago. I've been checking steam starts on mw3 and it sites at number 2 behind tf2. hasn't even broken 100k users on pc so my faith in the pc community remains steadfast

S_C2355d ago

Black ops is horrible beacuase you dont still play it...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ok then. Black ops is still a good game and MW3 is even better. Let the disagrees roll in as its all the rage to hate on COD

2355d ago
Bolts2355d ago

You need skill and teamwork to play BF3. Thats why it'll never beat MW's frag fest.

gamingdroid2352d ago

All I experienced was being sniped from a mile away from some dude in a bush.

DeadlyFire2351d ago

That's why we have jets, and helicopters. Take out that bush.

Detoxx2355d ago

let the little kids play their game.. i dont want some cod noob on my team or squad!

Cosmit2355d ago

I definitely wouldn't want you.

2355d ago
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