RPG Spotlight: Dungeons of Daggorath

Along with a few other early titles, you can credit Dungeons of Daggorath for inspiring the first-person dungeon crawling that we've partaken in over the last 30 years. Its three-dimensional wireframe level design and use of sound effects to convey monster position were unique and state-of-the-art at the time, as was the way it handled "character progression", if you can call it that. As the player defeats monsters inhabiting the dungeon, his or her character gains a small amount of power (or endurance, really) that's dependent upon the strength of the monster killed. For example, killing a spider might be barely noticeable, but defeat a couple of oozes/blobs inhabiting the dungeon, and you'll discover that future battles become increasingly easier.

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SKUD2353d ago

Maybe only 5 people this site have actually played it. Makes me feel very old but I'm one of them.

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