Wii U's Immense Potential

Ryan M. of writes, "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a highly anticipated title of mine, right behind Uncharted 3 and Skyward Sword. And after recently hearing Pete Hines, the VP of Bethesda Softworks, announce that the studio is seriously considering porting the title over to the Wii U, the chance to play both the Zelda and Elder Scrolls franchise on the same platform was unbelievably exciting. The Wii U appears to have garnered a fair amount of intrigue among developers; most of whom are seriously considering bringing their current and future titles to the Nintendo's new platform. These announcements, when paired with Nintendo's first party claims, could indicate the Wii U possessing a solid launch/post-launch lineup upon its release. Even so, some of the games that will be ported over to the console will be nearly a year old; PS3 and 360 owners will have a difficult time justifying a second purchase. However, thanks to the handy tablet controller, developers have the...

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DOOMZ2416d ago

I'll wait till three weeks after launch when they drop two hundred dollars off the price! 8/

yabhero2416d ago

1 that was a bad joke 2 considering there are probably going to sell like crazy... no price drop 4 a tleast a yr

maniacmayhem2416d ago

I can definitely see the potential and use for two screens. It worked really well for a lot of the DS games. I can only imagine what devs could do with more power and a bigger canvas.

Lets hope we get the Big N back to its true form.

DatGladiatah2416d ago

I couldn't imagine what kind of cool shit they'd do with the second screen on Skyrim. Put the menu there? Do the lockpicking mini game? Makes you wonder, though, how many people are intending to use the software creatively.

ape0072416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

yep if i throw my 360 bias away, it got a loooooot of potential, for example, look at gta chinatown wars on the DS, look how many great new ideas it had,now imagin gta 5 to be this cool, with (of course) better gfx than 360 and ps3, I say it have tons of potential and besides.....HD NINTENDO GAMES WITH ONLINE......WOW

Venjense2416d ago

Yeah it's probably great for multiplat games that are coming out now but what about, 2-3 years in the future when PS4 and XboxNext come out?

If the hardware power is basically just "two 360s stuck together" then 3rd party devs will just treat it like they treated Wii this gen because it will be too underpowered.

I seriously hope Nintendo made it able to compete with the next-gen.

PygmelionHunter2416d ago

If today's PC games are anything to go by, I doubt next gen consoles will make a huge difference in the graphic department.

Venjense2416d ago

Todays PC games aren't anything to go buy, the only reason console games look similar is because almost all the games are optimized for consoles or made with consoles in mind, even if the game leads on PC devs always make it so the console version can look comparable.

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The story is too old to be commented.