Puzzler: Guess the Mario games

Before going three-dimensional, Mario was a handsome 2D plumber. Look at the pixel art below and identify the games that Bitmob Staff Writer Samir Torres took them from.

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illegalyouth2264d ago eyes! 8- and 16-bit sprites were not meant to be blown up so large!

NagaSotuva2264d ago

This was tough. Turns out I don't know Mario as well as I thought. :/

THR1LLHOUSE2264d ago

I know! I'm thinking "Ha, I'll totally nail this one!" then...that's far from what I did.

THR1LLHOUSE2264d ago

#14 is awesome. Mario should always look like that.

SybaRat2263d ago

Mario Hoops 3-on-3 is an option? Okay, that's just sadistic.

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