PlayStation 3D Display: Eyes-on impressions

It's small and it's $500. But it's still awfully cool. Here are Dan "Shoe" Hsu's detailed impressions of the PlayStation 3D Display.

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HardCover2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

Compared to what, exactly? I'd honestly love to see the product that compares to this at a significantly lower cost.

Especially with that sweet, sweet split screen option.

NagaSotuva2385d ago

"Eyes-on" impressions...oh, I see! I'd totally get one if it was free.

jacksonmichael2385d ago

That's pretty cool, but I'd much prefer a bigger one...

THR1LLHOUSE2385d ago

The...Simuview (?) thing sounds incredibly rad. If you look at the screen without glasses on, does it just look like some garbled vomit-inducing mess?

Also: Does it support the N64? Seems like that's the most use anybody would get out of a feature like that, as cool as it sounds.

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