EBGames launches sexist ad campaign in Australia

EBGames launched a sexist ad campaign which advises men how to save money on games, thus leaving more cash to appease their female companions.

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illegalyouth2417d ago

And we wonder why no one takes gaming seriously.

Makes those horribly stupid GameStop commercials look like Shakespeare in comparison, though.

NagaSotuva2417d ago

That's a nice message for kids. Will I be able to understand my wife after I take her to dinner?

THR1LLHOUSE2417d ago

Is Australian EB owned by the same folks as American EB/Gamestop? I'm always looking for new reasons not to patronize them.

Also: Would the ad be any less offensive if it were not really crummy looking?

Megaton2417d ago

Guy tunes his wife's nagging out, so what? Blowing it way outta proportion, although it is a pretty lame ad anyway. Why does everything have to be considered sexist or racist these days? Bunch of oversensitive pansies.

badjournalism2417d ago

If you found that might be Forever Alone guy.

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