CNET Crave Talk: Nintendo must make a mobile phone

Andrew Lim writes on CNET Crave:

"Playing games on a mobile phone is about as enjoyable as untangling a pair of headphones when you're stuck in the middle of a train during rush hour. The quality of titles available is very low, and today's phones simply aren't designed for fast, reliable button pressing. Don't get me wrong--things are getting better--but for the love of thumb-tapping, Nintendo must make a mobile phone."

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unsunghero283948d ago

But Nintendo isn't going to do it.

On many an occasion the Big N has reaffirmed that they will only make gaming-dedicated hardware, and shun the idea of a product with too many bells and whistles. This makes the product do most of what you would want it to for a cheaper price.

That's the model they have, and as much as I would love walking around with a Nintendo GamePhone or something, it ain't going to happen unless Iwata and Miyamoto are long gone.

TheMART3947d ago


Is it that hard to take the DS (or PSP if you want) with you as is a seperate mobile phone? Don't put all stuff in one device. If it breaks, you lose too much. A phone stays a phone, a handheld stays the handheld. That's my opinion though.

Salvadore3947d ago

Couldn't have said it better.