Konami Rethinking PS3 Version of PES 2009

The series' creator, Shingo Takatsuka, recently spoke with PSM3 magazine, explaining that the situation is "so far from what we wanted. In fact, we thought about delaying it but different factors meant we had to [release it]".

"As a developer, we've worked the same way since the days of the SNES. We're simply not set up for multi-platform development," he continued.
Seabass goes on to noted that "PES 2009 is in development, but after hearing the criticism, we'll be taking it back to the drawing board. It might not be next year, but it will be soon."

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pwnsause3918d ago

wanna bet that this game stays exclusive to the PS3? I think so

gtgcoolkid3918d ago

thats where its heading I think. Rebuild the whole thing from the ground up. it seems like it might be some time before we see the next PES. kinda sucks since i love the series.

Darkiewonder3917d ago

Or they basically took every platform and worked with it at the same time? O.o

Snukadaman3917d ago

how bad is it when they cancel NEXT years version of a game...thats not even developed yet.

Prismo_Fillusion3917d ago

At least they're owning up to it.

jackdoe3917d ago

Well, considering that the PS3 version is almost broken and hated by almost all EU PS3 owners, yeah, Konami had better rethink the PS3 version of the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.