Skyrim PC: Ultra High Settings Gameplay and Graphics Showdown — Impressive?

Pinoytutorial: Here's a gameplay for Skyrim running on a high-end desktop PC (Intel Core i7-2600 / Nvidia GTX 560) in Ultra High Settings. Check out its graphics and be the judge if its impressive or not.

If you have any suggestions, show your comment below.

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kutocer2446d ago

Honestly no, I run a i7 2600 [email protected] and 2x560ti and to be honest textures very low res, draw distance is far but still pop ups. Blatant console port right down to the menu's and the way you can't use mouse to select stuff and have to use keyboard. Still seems like a great game though but flawed on PC.

MajorJackHoff2446d ago

That's weird, because I've seen reviewers say the exact opposite.

But then again, you're just pissed off because the controller has a better hotkey system.

kutocer2446d ago

Where did I say I was pissed off, if it bugged me that much I would plug in my 360 pad and just play with that, Aaahhhhh the wonders of PC gaming had everything consoles have and more for a very long time.

caboose322446d ago

That's why we have the CHOICE between a controller and k/m.

Something you probably don't get.

lumley6662446d ago

'Honestly no, I run a i7 2600 [email protected] and 2x560ti and to be honest textures very low res, draw distance is far but still pop ups'

if thats the case then i might as well just gt it for ps3, was gonna gt the pc version cos i can run on max settings, butif its not that much better gonna go with the console version

Shinuz2446d ago

Seriously why would you buy it on console if your pc is capable of running it flawlessly?
And please don't tell me "cause i prefer gaming on my couch while sitting in front of my HDTV" this argument is rather invalid nowadays.

ninjahunter2446d ago

Dude, in a month there will probably be a texture pack thats higher resolution than your screen. Modders can/will do crazy things. Just look at oblivion:
They maxed the LOD so you can see a chest 4 miles away, added more textures than crysis, added god rays, cell shading, several types of DOF, Dynamic water, motion blur, SSAO/HBAO, combat armor damage, Decapitiation and the list just goes on and on.
Just like oblivion, thanks to the modding community in a month or two this will be the most graphically intense game on the market.

kutocer2446d ago

PC still looks alot better but can tell it's a console port. Who knows they may release high res pack along with DX11 support but only time will tell. It's worth checking out the comparison reviews before buying.

lumley6662446d ago

How is it flawd to say u like games onconsole so u can sit on coach, dont b dumb, my pc has a 24inch hd monitor with a chair, my ps3 has 47inch hd tv, a confy seat and surround sound, and if skyrim aint that much better then ps3 sounds a better option, now if we wer talking about battlefield3 which is like 10x better then ur point wud b valid. And by the time really good mods are out il of. Finished with skyrim

TheGameFoxJTV2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

@lumley, are you too dumb to know how to connect a HDMI cable from a PC to a TV? Let me give you a hint, it's the same way you do it on consoles. Hurr Durr, except that PC will actually support all 1920x1080 pixels on your TV. lmao Also, mods are ALREADY being made on the nexus. lmao

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ninjahunter2446d ago

I think you might be exaggeration, The textures are just a little below average for average un-modded PC games, the draw distance is probably top in the industry, only competing with maby crysis 2 or BF3. For a game not aiming for top tier graphics this is pretty phenomenal, and its nice to have a game optimized enough to run on a toaster for once. I doubt more than 3 games would exceed the standards you insinuate in your post. Hopefully Mods will fix the interface in the next week or so though, that is a bit of a shame.

kutocer2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

I may just be over critical, don't get me wrong it does look stunning but when you get up close to the textures very blurred. I did say draw distance is far and is good but still had alot of pop up's.

lumley6662445d ago

@TheGameFoxJTV, are you to dumb to figgure out i know that, my tv is in the lounge and my pc is elseware so i cant connect them or i wud of you fool lol

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