Gaming Irresponsibly Review - DC Universe Online Free to Play

With the transition from subscription based to free to play, DC Universe Online is available to more people than ever. It may be free, but is it worth your hard drive space?

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kefkah2294d ago

Very fair review of the game as it us currently on the PS3. Was impressed with the solid two pages of details.

Dark_king2293d ago

The game basically starts at level 30 its not like the level cap is the end of getting stronger.Complete feats to gain skill points.
Also while it appears as 1 server its quite a few thats why you need to phase with your buddies.They are working to decrease the wait.
I agree with several of his issues such as the draw distance but I think others are caused by the stain on the servers.

kasasensei2293d ago

Great review. Had the same feeling and encountered the same issues, especially sounds issues (no sound or "distorted") and absolutely-not-solid framerate, on ps3.
I'll continue to play it anyway, need to gain levels and skills, to see if gameplay is getting more interesting later...
Did not encounter any login problem nor waiting lines on EU servers, maybe less people playing on it?