PlayStation Vita clip demos system UI

Gematsu: Sony’s released a new video of PlayStation Vita, demonstrating the system’s clock, user-interface, multiplayer functionality, chat, calendar, and home menu applications.

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Misterhbk2265d ago

Saw this on youtube the other day. the UI looks really smooth and the screen looks so good! Even in this video it looks fantastic. Really cannot wait to get this little device!

Three months and 5 days until I'll have mine, it's gonna be a long wait -_-

Ddouble2265d ago

It's so Slickk.

The wait is unbearable


I can't wait fot the vita!

colonel1792265d ago

The only thing I don't like about the Vita is the buttons. They seem too small, but that may change once I see the device in real life.

Pixel_Enemy2265d ago

The device is probably much bigger that you assume. I hear the screen is huge. CAN'T WAIT!

Captain Qwark 92265d ago

looks lame as sh*t. i wasn't sure if i was watching a Nintendo or Sony presentation. i could care less about mobile gaming though so i'm a little biased. This def wont be changing my mind and sony was prob the only company who might have been able to.

Coltrane_C2265d ago

Then Why the F*ck did you even comment?

Anyways...Can't wait got my First Ed. Bundle Preorder...Winning!!!

Captain Qwark 92265d ago

lol becuase i watched the video and felt like adding my opinion to the comments, if you don't like it then too bad, good thing its mine and mine alone.

and @pixel, no it wasnt me disagreeing with everyone, i rarely click agree/disagree button, no point in it

Pixel_Enemy2265d ago

So it was you disagreeing with everyone's comments above..

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The story is too old to be commented.