Battlefield 4: how to make it a 10/10

OXM UK: "With our Battlefield 3 review cooling on the windowsill, we have plenty of ideas for the follow-up. Battlefield could still be the best first-person shooter on show. Here's how."

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ATi_Elite2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Go back and make BF3 just a MP online game like BF1942 and BF2 before it.

EA made DICE do a SP and Co-op out of sheer greed thus taking away valuable time to work out MP bugs and glitches. BF3 MP released all by itself would of been 10/10

BF4 is like 10 years away so lets just enjoy BF3 and all it's Frostbite 2.0 Glory!

ZBlacktt2259d ago

Today's gamers, always looking for something new. Man, games take 3 to 4 years to make ( side from rehash COD ). Seems like lots of news on a big game before it comes out. Then when it does come out. It's not even a week later before people move on to the next biggest game to come out. This goes on game after game.

JellyJelly2259d ago

More like todays gaming journalist.

I'm enjoying Battlefield 3 to it's fullest without a thought about what it's potential sequel will be like. To me the multiplayer in BF3 is about as good as it gets and already a 10/10.

KwietStorm2259d ago

I've been gaming for a long time, and I can't stand this generation. It's like everyone became a critic overnight, and it's not 'the internet age,' because that's not new anymore. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and I'm not saying no games are free of criticism, but it's like people this generation wake up with a motivation to complain about something new. A lot of times, people say a game is bad because it's not what they wanted it to be, instead of appreciating what it is.

ZBlacktt2259d ago

Yep.... it's like they are constantly looking for more. Never satisfied with anything. It's like the very week something comes out. It's old news days later and forgotten about for the most part.

Arnon2259d ago

Keep it off consoles. It'll be a 10/10.

death2smoochie2259d ago

Damn LOL...saying that on N4G.COM will get you shot LOL

Arnon2259d ago

Maybe, but battlefield originated on the PC. Every iteration of it is essentially a different game on the PC compared to the console counterpart. Hell, BF3 PC compared to BF3 console is almost a different game.

Battlefield has always been a PC franchise. The only reason it hit consoles this time was to take a shot at CoD, and while I feel BF is the better game, it really didn't slow it's competition down in any way.

Dlacy13g2259d ago

I don't need BF4...but I wouldn't mind seeing an aircraft only map similar to BF1943 so I can go somewhere where I know I can get practice time in and not feel like I am wasting tickets crashing, etc...

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