Skyrim Vs Oblivion: Game Engine Comparison

NowGamer takes screens of impressive Oblivion moments and recreates them in Skyrim. The visual leap is nuts!

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Feckles2262d ago

Incredible to see how far the engine has come in about five years. My memory of Oblivion was that it was a beautiful game, just goes to show how your memory can deceive you.

padz12262d ago

Oblivion was beautiful.

Skyrim is mindblowing.

^^^^^ new slogan right deyyaaaaaa

ChrisW2262d ago

Exactly! I thoroughly enjoyed Oblivion and played every aspect of it, especially because of how beautiful the environments looked. I recall looking at the foliage and thinking how photo-real they were. Just the other day I played it again for a nostalgic refresher and wasn't impressed by it as much.

And just think... in 5 years or so from now, Skyrim will look as bad as we currently perceive Oblivion to be.

StraightPath2262d ago

The graphics are amazing for an open world game so much eye candy!!

Skyrim or Zelda SS GOTY?

Batman AC or Portal 2 GOTY?

Four major candidates.

These four games highest rated games so far this year.

death2smoochie2262d ago

You are going to see many games split GOTY on various sites come the end of 2011. So many great games.

StraightPath2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Agree this year full of great games. Pretty hard playing them all and with Skyrim beast coming out with 500+ hours game how on earth would you get time to play others haha

2261d ago