Gaming on the big screen TV

While single player games look more and more impressive on the big home theaters it’s no secret that gamers are craving the bigger TVs. I will be taking a look at 3 particular sized TV’s to find a place that I feel more comfortable gaming.

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byeGollum2298d ago

The bigger the better to be honest :)

Rod2297d ago

That's what she sa-

I really need to invest in a HD tv. It's depressing knowing what the game SHOULD look like but having to settle for crap.

byeGollum2297d ago

lol I knew someone would take advantage of my comment lol...

you should.. I need to get a bigger HDTV myself... after playin' a few games on my friends 40" Bravia .. It's another experience entirely ...

Anon19742297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

I picked up a HD home theater projector a couple of years ago and haven't looked back. There's something about being able sit back and game on a 92" screen that shouldn't be passed up. The only reason I haven't gone 3D yet is simply I'm not ready to give up that sized screen - and the 3D projectors have to come down a bit in price for me to justify swapping my existing projector out. If you've got the space for it, I highly recommend it.

robep32297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

I am with you optoma hd dlp projector with 92" electric screen through my 700 watt yamaha amp cant beat it. Or if I dont want the screen its the 47" LG LCD behind it or in the living room its a Samsung 46" LED 3D tv with a 340 amp and speaker set up.

With 3 PS3's an XBOX 360 and a WII dotted around the house there is always somewhere to play!

Like you I will wait for the 3d projectrors to get a bit cheaper before I go that route.

I got a great deal on the screen & projector 2 years ago only paid £650 for the two of them!

That was way cheaper than a 50" tv at that time!!!!

GoldenPheasant2297d ago

go big or go home, especially with 3D. We bought a 46' hx800 for the living room, now I want a 60' ... then I think of all the kids dying of starvation ... and I feel like a giant douche.

Wintersun6162297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

I have a 32 inch HD-Ready LCD tv. I'll settle with that until it breaks, then I'll buy one of those fancy LED tvs.

Gamefan122297d ago

58 in plasma 3d. Love it

illtownNJONE2297d ago

I have a Toshiba regza 46 120hz but tax season in going 55" 3d led

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