Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review (

ThisisXbox Writes: "Sledgehammer Games first steps into the franchise not only restores my faith that as new blood into Call of Duty they can up-keep it’s mighty reputation without hindering or demeaning the gameplay, but taking it to a whole new scale with some of the best environments and chapters ever to be seen in the history of the franchise as their entry point only excites me for the future.

Modern Warfare 3 is not just mind-blowing, it’s legendary."

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BuffMordecai2296d ago

I personally liked black ops single player better.

Virus2012296d ago

I agree.

But based on overall COD games it would go like this (my opinion and starting with COD 4)

1.CoD 4 MW
2.MW3- Black Ops (tied)
3.COD W.a.W

The reason I didn't like MW2 was because everything that could go wrong with it did occur;

One Man Army and Commando
Horrible Maps
Barely any post launch support from Infinity Ward
Horrible Lag
Sh*tty DLC

I can go on but I'll leave it there.

thereapersson2296d ago

Yep, 10/10 everyone. You heard it here first!


ndl15312296d ago

bullshiet review . everyone is riding this hype train hard . perfect score? seriously ? PERFECT? GTFO with this rehash . same shit weve played since 2007 .

franko2296d ago

...And another so called "game journalist" on Activision payrole...

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