New Lineage Eternal Gameplay Video Gives Diablo III a Run for it's Money

Today NCSoft published the official gameplay video of Lineage Eternal that was shown at the presentation of the game at G-star.

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noxeven2292d ago

This looks more interesting to me then diablo 3 maybe its cause the hype meter for diablo has been turned up 2 high.

Abriael2292d ago

Same for me, mostly because of the drag skills, and the massive battles look incredible.

NiteX2292d ago

LOL I think D3 will be just fine.

CLOUD19832292d ago

Is it me or this looks much better than D3? o.O and I have play D1,2 hundreds if not thousands of hours but this really looks better but the magic in Diablo is the randomness and the treasure hunting the graphics and the battle system in this game looks super awesome but I dont know if it can compete with Diablo in these 2 things that u dont bored to repeat the same dungeons or kill the same bosses because there is so many rare drops to find drops that u can even sell for real money :D

Tanir2292d ago

yeah sadly D3 looks like a 10 year old game. still gonna play it but wen its like 20 bucks, this game looks pretty good tho

2292d ago