New Ninja Gaiden 2 screens

We remember the days when shots that were this good-looking were guaranteed to be renders, but these are game-engine shots and it looks brilliant. Check out the fresh screens in all their glory here.

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Slayer OP3889d ago

I thought it was 360 only,

Relcom3889d ago

I will hold my hope that PS3 gets this eventually though

Auron3888d ago

so wouldnt that mean ps3 will not see it.

ichimaru3889d ago

the outspoken,

it is 360 exclusive. the dev's are buildinbg it from the ground up to take full advantage of it's hardware. what the 1st idiot saidwas just fanboy garbage ignore it

GIJeff3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

x1600 full advantage...yawn. Terrible backgrounds. The only thing half decent looking to me is the character model of the player. The blood is mighty 2d. This looks like VF5 with blood and plain backgrounds, whats so exciting?

All im saying is full advantage of 3 year old video card/processor isnt as much as you people make it out to be. You Xboxians are too easily impressed.

Bnet3433889d ago

and good graphics don't make a good game. just look at Lair. the gameplay is where it's at, but I can't stress this enough, they need to come up with a damn good story.

PS360PCROCKS3889d ago

While I will never say this looks bad in any sense, I wish it had more updated graphics, like more of a realism look and not so cartoony...but like I said I am not complaining this looks sick.

ichimaru3889d ago

i agree, i wish they'd spend more time on the graphics as well as

Covenant3889d ago

" all their glory here."

Glory? Or gory? :)

Love the shot of the bisected torso with the massive spray of blood. Someone tie Jack Thompson down and make him watch this being played.

This game will be sweeeeeeeeeet!

iceman29293889d ago

havnt you heard? thompson might be disbarred!!!!!!! muhahahaha no more jack!
ding dong the witch is dead :)

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The story is too old to be commented.