Quick-fire book reviews by John Carmack: A peek into the great mind

El33tonline writes:

"Anyone who knows a thing or two about legendary id Software graphics programmer and technical director John Carmack will be aware that the genius programmer and rocket scientist consumes books at an incredibly rapid rate, tearing through tomes of knowledge at an inhuman pace."

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dangert122443d ago

A peek into the great mind lol i heard rage wearnt that great

OliverKO2443d ago

RAGE is alright, and if people don't think it's any good, blame the design team, not Carmack ;)

Orpheus2443d ago

A mind that fell from greatness (got consolized).

OliverKO2443d ago

It's Carmack's innovations that were able to help RAGE squeeze onto consoles. It's still a fine game on PC - any problems that slipped through weren't only due to any of his oversights, there's an entire team of developers that let RAGE PC slip up.