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My childhood was filled with lead. Glorious weighty lead, cheap to buy and stoically impressive when placed into a slot base and stored on a bookshelf. I’m talking, of course, about the miniatures of Games Workshop in those halcyon days when Rhino tanks cost £6 and well before white metal turned up to ruin the thrilling risk of hobby poisoning.

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FunkMcnasty2326d ago

7/10 is a pretty good score... but "space Marine" has to be the worst, most generic title of a video game ever.. it sounds like a fictional toy/game from Toy Stoy or something..

yog-sothot2326d ago

I agree and I am a fan of W40K

This just sounds so 80's... When the lore was initially created, Space Marine was maybe original but now... Actually, when you read current lore, it almost sound as if they regretted the very name "Space Marine" but just can change it. I guess some dude from the marketing department of THQ thought "yeah, those kids playing games will love it if it's calles space marine, so badass"

Jeeze... Even another generic name related to the universe such as "battle brothers" would have been better imo

anyway, this is still a very nice action game and I hope Relic will improve on the recipe for a potential sequel

2325d ago