Infinity Ward Talks Call of Duty 4 Achievements

MTV Multiplayer asked Infinity Ward's Community Manager Robert Bowling via e-mail about the Achievements in Call of Duty 4. A fan of Achievements himself, Bowling and the team behind the best-selling title take Achievements very seriously:

"I don't agree with Achievements that don't require skill, like 'Play multiplayer for 8 hours straight.' That's not an achievement, that's a pain; it's one of those Achievements people will typically get simply by starting up a game and just leaving it sit while they sleep."

Bowling also goes on to talk about the lack of Achievements for online multiplayer, the hardest Achievement in Call of Duty 4 and his own "Achievement-cation" he recently took…

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Hagaf223827d ago

i think its awesome, iw just said what so many others think, "hey achievements are gay period so well make you do gay stuff to get them."

Ugly American3826d ago

Did you actually read the article? The guy says he loves achievement points. He also says there are cheap achievements and one that make the game more enjoyable.

He only says ones that require no skill are worthless. Nice try spinning the article.

Charlie26883826d ago

I think they did a FANTASTIC job with those achievements making them interesting and at the same FUN to get a thing a LOT of devs seem to forget when creating achievements

also thanks good for a reduction in the number of multiplayer achievements :)

ben hates you3826d ago

overall achievments mean nothing but sometimes its fun to try and get certain ones

toughNAME3826d ago

I've put hundreds of hours into the Call of Duty series, and you know how long I've played online multiplayer? maybe 15 minutes..MAYBE

I serverly dislike Call of Duty multiplayer but love the campaign.

And the achievements for COD4 don't seem extremely hard to get, 1000/1000 here I come :D

razer3826d ago

after you get the Mile High Achievement on Veteran. That was one of the toughest I've had to do in a looong time.

eLiNeS3826d ago

I just got my 1000 points for COD4 tonight! BOOYAH

What I had left to do was the "Your Show Sucks" and "Eyes and Ears" achievements and completed both of them tonight but getting the Mile High Achievement on Veteran was tough but finally got it after a few hours and a few day trying. Won't be playing that part of the game ever again, LOL

Skynetone3826d ago

wtf is wrong can i get my money back

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The story is too old to be commented.