Mario Vs Zelda

With Super Mario 3D Land and Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword both out on the same day next week in the UK, ONM asks which side the fans are on. Which game are they most looking forward to?

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Bleucrunch2259d ago

is this really a valid questions....a 3DS game versus the open world of Zelda??? I will let ya think about while I have a reason to turn on my wii and play the next Zelda game.

browngamer42259d ago

Zelda all the way baby!! But I know I'm gonna have a great time with Mario too.

Horny2259d ago

Zelda is my favorite Nintendo franchise followed by mario.

kma2k2259d ago

In a straight up legit fight, an unarmed plumber vs an elf with a bow & arrow & a sword! Not really much of a competition!

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The story is too old to be commented.