Perfect Scores on Imperfect Games's Chris Jensen writes: "I suspect this year has seen more perfect scores for imperfect games than ever before. Either this is the best year ever for the industry or, more likely, the game "journalism" community is proving itself overly susceptible to hype."

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unsunghero283918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

What the hell do people expect from reviews?

I hate how nowadays, people see reviews as the ultimate factor in a game's quality. They are taken way too seriously.

Does anyone what reviews are meant to SHOW? They're meant to give an opinion on whether or not a product is worth spending money on. There is no such thing as a perfect game- and I count the ones I love, including Ocarina, in there- so, in theory, a game cannot possibly obtain a perfect score.

But even Ocarina got perfect scores, even though it had a couple flaws, reviewers looked past them because the game was revolutionary and changed the way we play. THAT is what a perfect score decides, not that a game is so great that it's perfect. I think that Orange Box, Super Mario Galaxy, Halo 3, and BioShock all absolutely deserve perfect scores because they are all absolutely worth purchasing.

The writer of this article actually manages to get mad at reviewers for giving games perfect scores even though they're not perfect. Like the reviewers aren't sticking to their holy duty of upholding the law of video game scores. Like they're not allowed to have opinions.

Jesus, if I could find whoever wrote this piece of sh1t I would punch him in the face.

Uncharted is short. For a lot of people, that makes its value go down, and that's their opinion. Personally, I agree that its a great game. But my point was not to cross over into my personal opinions on games. You comparing it with Galaxy does exactly that, so I won't even touch that subject.

I'll admit might have ranted a bit too much, but what I really meant is that it's the reviewers choice on what they think deserves a perfect score, and no one else's. If they feel a certain way we can't blame them for anything, we'll just accept their scores and move on. How are we any more qualified to give "honest impressions" one something?

All this bickering about a couple points is... pointless.

@1.1 (again)
I have played Uncharted, but I'll admit I haven't finished it yet. Good call. If it's 13 hours that's pretty good, and as I said before I have a blast with Uncharted. But you and I can't say the fellas at IGN or GameSpot or whatever are WRONG just because we had a different experience. All we can do is disagree.

BioShock is about 20 hours.

Danja3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

"Does anyone what reviews are meant to SHOW? They're meant to give an opinion on whether or not a product is worth spending money on."

but reviewers are beign biased against certain games because well it's not there type of game instead of trying to give an honest impression to the readers...

how is it possible that SMG got an 11/10..?

While a game like Uncharted that does everything more..gets mostly high 8's..?

How can a game be bad becuase it has too much variety..? or because the A.I is too good..?? How can someone deduct points off an Online Only game because it has no single player mode(warhawk)..? lol..does that make sense

but games like Halo...Mario..gets perfect scores because they happen to be some personal faves of those guys...and they happen to just be a minor improvement upon there predecessors..!

ad no game should ever get a perfect score cuz there will never be one..!!


Uncharted is short..? see you basing facts off what viewers gonna guess you haven't played the game took me over 13hrs to complete the game..if you play it on easy it's about 10hrs...and this game has so much replay once again I will say reviewers aren't giving honest impressions of the game..

riqued3918d ago

He deserves a punch in the face because you disagree with his opinion? You lost you own point there.

Perfect Score = Perfect Game.

If the game has a couple of flaws it may still get 9.9999, but will never be perfect.

But the point of the writer is that reviewer a judging games more for its hype than to the actual game (see Halo 3)

spectyre3918d ago

How long is Bioshock? Does Bioshock have multiplayer?

WilliamRLBaker3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

agreed and bubble for you unsung hero
too many people think a perfect score means perfect.

there is no such thing as perfect perfect is an illusion nothing is without flaw....perfect score means its the best of the best.

Edit:3 disagrees give your reason, give me proof perfection is real and that their are perfect things.

Real Gambler3918d ago

Q: "give me proof perfection is real and that their are perfect things."

A: The Playstation 3 is

ry-guy3917d ago

And of course, I love how Playstation 3 games do no wrong.

marionz3917d ago

bioshock is not 20 hours, took me 12 hrs the first play through 7 hrs the second

unsunghero283917d ago

Why I got so mauled on disagrees up there? 6 for 25... that's probably something I would expect if I had come out and said "The PS3 has no good games." And for the record, no, I don't think that's true, and besides that whether I think it's true is irrelevant.

Honestly, I didn't say anything that extreme and nothing at all negative toward a specific console. My only guess is that I'm under heavy fire from Sony fans for saying "Orange Box, Super Mario Galaxy, Halo 3, and BioShock all absolutely deserve perfect scores." I still think that's true, but I NEVER said I feel any differently about Uncharted or Ratchet and Clank.

Well, if that's the main problem (and N4G is really just populated by haters) then I'm pretty ashamed of you people. If not, SOMEONE please explain.

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Hagaf223918d ago

i completely agree with his opinion, i dont think there are more than 5 perfect games of all time, if that many and this year alone were about there, come on, ive said it many times, if you read the reviews for "perfect" games youll see them say somethings wrong with the game yet its still a perfect score. i know game informer did this for bioshock...

riqued3918d ago

LOL, read the first lines of this review of Gears of Wars:

"You can always find reasons not to give a game a review score of 10. Control issues (Gears of War has that). A.I. problems (that, too). Bad dialogue or storytelling (yes on both). Linear levels, online lag, limited modes (yup, yup, and yup)."

10 out of 10 by 1UP

jjfunaz3917d ago

+bubbles for you

I agree completely. People are trying to turn this into a ps3 vs 360 games but thats not the point of the article.

TOO many 9.9s and 10 this year. There should be 5 or 6 of those a generation not a year. People are insane with this scoring.

wil4hire3918d ago

Perhaps he was afraid of hate mail?

WIIIS13918d ago

Judged from a distance without any passion or love for the genre, Mass Effect undoubtedly could and should have been a technically better game if it was to be perfect.

But it is so damn good at what it does, the little imperfections do not really detract from the total immersive experience you get from the game. Unless of course you are not into this kind of RPG.

Compare that to Uncharted which is a technically brilliant game. Unfortunately while it is no doubt a good and enjoyable game, it doesn't quite deliver the same experience as when we played the first Tomb Raiders.

Shadow Man3918d ago

i thought the terrible frame rate and constant screen tearing took me right out of the experience in ME (Just a constant loading screen). It got to the point where i had to stop playing for awhile, and trust me i love rpgs but this game deserves an 8 at best. The amount of dialog is impressive but the facial animations are terrible and don't always sync. Oh well it was pretty fun. As for uncharted probably the best experience i've had this year (insane graphics, solid frame rate, good length and replay value, great story, yet there was some screen tearing and a few white pixels but few and in between nothing serious) and i don't feel it got the credit it deserved but what can you do. As for the article, one of the most intelligent things i've read in awhile. Sure maybe a 9.9 would be "acceptable" for a game, maybe even a 10 (but not really because it won't happen, but maybe once) for an absolute gem where truly everything functions as it should while having very very minor flaws. Yet the games he mentioned had very significant flaws and were scored based on hype and a 800 dollar goodybag delivered to the office. cough ... HALO. Sorry had to go there but, honestly reviewers need to be more honest and stop worrying about hate mail who gives a sh!t. Oh well it's just opinions but i'm starting to only trust a few such as ign although they are beginning to seem a tad biased but they are the most truthful i've found.

PS. although the games he mentioned were enjoyable non deserved the scores they recieved maybe bioshock and orange box mid 9 but not above smg 9 highest

texism3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

Of course NOTHING is perfect.

A 10/10 does NOT mean perfection. It means that the level of enjoyment far outweighs the imperfections of the game so much so that they are practically a non-issue. THAT is what a perfect score means.

Some games do deserve a perfect score, like RESI 4 and SMG. Some don't. Like Halo 2.

Rooftrellen3918d ago

Very well said.

I do think 10's are too common (when we think of 7.5 as average, and 5 is right in the middle, there are problems), but a 10 does not, in any way, mean a perfect game, only a great game in an elite group.

Skerj3918d ago


10.0: Prime This exceedingly rare score refers to a game that is as perfect as a game can aspire to be at its time of release. Obviously, the constantly changing standards for technology and gameplay will probably make this game obsolete some day, but at its time of release, a game earning this score could not have been improved upon in any meaningful way.


Virtually flawless. No game is absolutely perfect, but 10s represent the pinnacle of gaming brilliance. It doesn't get any better than this. This is like winning the lottery on your birthday. It takes a rare and special game to earn a perfect 10 from IGN.


With that in mind, I think IGN's vision is what you're referring to even still they rarely give out 10s, Gamespot represents what a perfect score should be and they gave it to only 4 games. The last one being out in 2001.

Shadow Man3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

ign knows how to score a true 10 not just because they feel like it but what is as perfect as it can be with very very few flaws and nothing that hampers the experience
but 9.9 or 99 is what is should really get or would be more acceptable for most of the higher ranked games only once in a blue moon should a game get a 10

Skerj3918d ago

We've been talking about this for the past few weeks and I'm glad more and more people are starting to realize it. No, a perfect score does not go to "revolutionary games" even if they ARE good. It goes to PERFECT games which there aren't any because there is ALWAYS something that can be improved or changed.

You can't review an entire game praising it highly, and then rush the last paragraph full of issues with the game and then give it a 10/10. That means it's not perfect, no matter how anyone tries to spin it and whatever reviewer does so loses credibility in my eyes. If you give a game a 9.9/9.5/99% etc that's fine because it still shows that it's imperfect, but 100/100 please. I've yet to see a game that deserves it because I'll be that much more critical and pick apart every single thing wrong with the game when I do play it.